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Hope, Greed and Fear…

October 18, 2007

With the indian stock market booming in last few weeks, I hoped that its time to make some easy money. “Easy Money”…i was giving way to greed. I made good profits in the beginning and ended up putting all of it back into the market. The sensex has taken a plunge today.

Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Its fear all around now. Everybody is nervous and panicky. My fingers are crossed. I am still hopeful for tomorrow. Will have to wait and watch how the story unfolds.

Few lessons learnt:

1. Do not OVER-EXPOSE yourself. Invest only if its ok when you loose 50% of it.

2. When in doubt…drop out. You can always invest tomorrow and book profits

3. Always have some surplus funds in your savins account. You never know when a good buying opportunity surfaces out of a sudden



October 16, 2007

I will be running in the Vodafone Delhi Half-Marathon. Though i registered myself almost a month back, today was my first training day. I was panting after my 20 minute jog, would faint if i hit the marathin with this stamina. Will increase my laps every day, there is no other way.

The other important thing is diet. Seth, my friend, has been training himself for almost a month now. He says he has lost 7 kgs in 22 days!!! He asked me to follow his diet – plenty of fruits and salads, and soya milk. 😀 Sounds interesting!!!

I need to pull these 11 days. Atleast i will loose enough weight to get in shape to fit into my jeans and t-shirts without a bulging tummy.

Finally….Hello world!

October 5, 2007

Hello All.

Finally, am writing in public again! Finally, i gave in to pull of this blogging world. This blog will be a space to express my views, half-cooked ideas, hazy plans and many more things. I have been working in solitude for almost 2 months now, since i started working from home. So i need somebody to talk to. And who better than the netizens.

When i started reading blogs around 1.5 years ago, the idea of writing publicly confused me. I thought “what on earth makes u think that i have all time to read whatever u write??!!!” But we all need to socialize, discuss, collaborate in some form or the other.

I hope i have found a good way to do this.